Who Are We?

Triple Grace is made up of two sisters (generation 1) and two nieces (generation 2) who decided to embark on the journey of selling children's clothes, on the side of our big girl jobs, to help keep our three little girls in clothes (generation 3). Generation 3 is made of up Paisley Grace, Adalae Grace and Isabella Grace.

Did we do this on purpose most people ask? No, we did not. How we ended up with all three girls with the same middle name was a complete freak accident, but in the end turned out to be awesome. The three girls are the best of friends, more like sisters than second cousins. They love that they all have the same middle name and we call them our "Triple Grace's" hence the boutique's name. 

My name is Natoshia and I am one of the daughters of the two sisters. So that makes me generation 2. My daughter is Adalae Grace. The middle in age, but physically the tallest of the three girls. Deborah, who is listed as the author of this blog, is my mother and the oldest of the two sisters. Then there is Tammy. She is sister number two (my aunt) and mom to the youngest, Isabella Grace. Lastly, there is my cousin Nikki and mom to the oldest, Paisley Grace. Paisley was born with HLS which is a heart disease where one side of her heart is smaller than the others. We will do a blog about that all on it's own. Short part of the story, she just had open heart surgery #3 at the young age of 6 and is doing great and hopefully getting to come home this week. 

But this is us. We all love Disney, the beach, shopping and simply just hanging out with each other. We are a very close knit family, especially since having girls that are literally door steps in age.