Having three girls under the age of 7 makes Halloween a must!!! When Nikki and I were young we use to spend every Halloween at our grandmothers. She lives in the middle of no where with no neighbors to Trick or Treat from. So, like any awesome grandmother, we played games (bobbing for apples, walking with balloons in between our legs and then we had to pop them, pin the nose of the pumpkin, etc.) Well this year, in the state of Georgia, it decided to go from Monday in the 70s to Wednesday in the 40s with rain (Welcome to the South!!) And if you live in the south you know most of us don't do "cold" well. That is "once I get home I'm not coming back out" season. And that is almost exactly what we did.

We got to Dee Dee's house and we stayed in. The girls loved giving candy to the "customers" as they called them. We played pin the nose on the pumpkin, decorated cupcakes, painted dinosaurs, and played with all the Snapchat filters. Especially the tarantula one!! 

(this love lady is the reason we all exist, Mawmaw Peggy)

Overall, I would have to say this was one of my most favorite Halloween's. No stressing over going house to house to get candy. Making sure my kid doesn't break in front of any one and uses her manners that she has been taught. No, being a crazy mom scared to death that someone may try to kidnap her in all the mayhem. Just simple family activities with good food sharing an evening with people we love. #halloween2019 #thetriplegracestaysin #coldrainyweatheryournotwelcomed